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OpenCV for FTC Tutorial

This tutorial describes how to get OpenCV up and running in your FTC robot controller app.

The items you need for the class are:

  1. The zip file of Java code and the instructions: (You can get just the instructions as a .pptx or .pdf file)
  2. zip file of the FTC app: beta app (as of 2016-08-09) or newer
  3. OpenCV for Android, version 3.1 or newer
  4. (Optional) 16 Pictures of the beacon with each side red, green, blue, or off.

You can download all the files in one zip here: (687M)

Inside the instructions zip file there is a document that describes the steps.


Here is a version of the file for the beta version of the app as of 12/1/2016. Don't worry about it until you get to the step in the instructions where you need it.