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Encoder Adapter Boards

The Problem

The Modern Robotics motor controllers have connectors on three sides: the usb port on the back, the motors and power on the front, and the encoders on the top. Managing the wires coming out in these three directions takes up a lot of space on your robot.

The Solution

We designed circuit boards on EasyEDA (designs available here) that plugged into the encoder ports on the motor controllers and allowed the encoders to be plugged in the same side as the motors. This reduced the number of sides that had wires, and gave us the option to stack the motor controllers on top of each other.

The Solution, Part II

Since the boards worked so well for us, we decided to order 500 more and hand out 4 of them to each team at our tournaments. This way, more people could benefit from the solution.

The Solution, Part III

Modern Robotics contacted us, asking to put the boards in their online store. We said yes, and they are available for purchase here!


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Encoder PCB Design Encoder PCB One motor module with the PCB Two motor modules with the PCB