Gearbox 4-H Club

Home of the electronVolts, FTC team 7393

Skystone Robot in 3 Days - Fall 2019

100 Point Autonomous

January 29th Tournament Playlist

Half-Year Summary Video

Autonomous Cap Ball Offense

FTC 7393 electronVolts Cap Ball Test 1/22/17

FTC 7393 Cap Ball Lifter Test 1/17/17

Severe Robot Infestation in Local Garage!

Shooter Test

Click here for the new code we released on Github.

Click here for the code that is not FTC specific

We made an OpenCV Tutorial for the kickoff. It outlines how to set up opencv 3.1 in the beta version of the FTC app.

Season 2015-2016 Summary Video

Robot design in PTC Creo Parametric

Robot design in PTC

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